Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things always seem to be crazy around our house, as I'm positive for most people. One of the simple things to slow us down and gives us some humor are these two beautiful creatures. They have only been in ours lives a short time, but they are already family!!
Sully and Piper are Ragdoll kittens...Sully the orange flame and Piper is a sealpoint.
After losing our longtime cat Pepe (16 years), I really never believed I wanted another. As a couple months went by, we (I) realized it was very lonely without our little feline friend. So I went on the hunt for another. I had heard over the years about a breed called Ragamuffin and Ragdoll, but knew little. So with some research, I found they are a very people friendly breed.

The search began, and we went through a few months with finding one, losing one, finding two, and then losing them as well. I was heartbroken, but then met these two. We were skeptical, but soon they drove home with Shayna and I, and we haven't looked back. They each have a distinctive personality...and we love them just for that. They bring joy, laughter, and mischievousness into our every day. So today, I'm thankful for the furry four-leg friends in our family!

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