Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well, I'm back from Donna Downey's Inspired workshop...and it was worth every penny!
I met some amazing ladies and leaned some new art from a few extremely talented artists! This experience will follow me forever, and I'm so grateful to my wonderful hubby on encouraging me to go and get out of my comfort zone. A special thanks to my sister as well for kicking me in the butt, and reminding me how independent I used to be...and helping me find that strong woman again!

Here are a few photos of my time in North Carolina:

Brenda, Mary, me, Blayne, Andra, Rebecca, and Laurel
The terrific ladies I met and were in my group
Miss Brenda...VERY talented girl!!
Andra...my kindred soul sister
Miss Suzi Blu

The star...Donna Downey and me!!

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